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Domestic and international cooperation

Datsing Bio-Tech has established a good partnership with well-known universities,
hospitals and research institutions at home and abroad to develop medical products
that can better meet the needs of clinical use

Domestic cooperation

International Cooperation

Biomics Biotech

Founded in 2015 in Berlin, Germany, Biomics Biotech is dedicated to the development and production of biomaterials for bone regeneration and soft tissue regeneration. The collagen membrane and synthetic bone substitute materials produced by the company have been widely used in clinic.

Natural and medical sciences Institute

NMI Institute is dedicated to the application-oriented research of the interface between life science and material science. The main areas of research are pharmaceutical and biotechnology, biomedical technology and surface&material technology. Its biological functional coating technology has been used in the development and application of various medical device products.

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

One of the largest and most modern hospitals in Germany, with nearly 500,000 patients every year. The hospital has an independent College of Stomatology and a graduate school with a rich research basis.