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Company Culture

Passion, perseverance, continuous innovation and win-win cooperation


Climb the Summit of Science


Become World-Class Biotech Company


Science Make Life Better


Best Solutions for Human Health


Passion, Perseverance, Innovation and Win-win

Logo is the core of the company's image, the direct embodiment of the company's standardized management, high-quality service and product quality, and the first identification of the company's image in the market competition.

Green, the color of life and health, symbolizes the hope and happiness of life, and also shows that the company is engaged in the biotechnology industry.

English "Datsing", each font is designed by the company, not selected from any font, indicating a unique" Datsing ", also the need for anti-counterfeiting.

"D" stands for development; "t" stands for technology; "s" stands for service

"Ing" is the present continuous tense in the root, which means the company's unremitting progress and development.

Logo like a butterfly full of vitality, dancing in nature. Butterflies give people a sense of relaxation and freedom, and express everyone's inner yearning.

It can also be seen as a combination of two seeds, one of which contains the life conceived, and the other has germinated and is about to thrive.

The expanded wings of the butterfly are just above the letter "I". i. The meaning of "I" can be extended to "innovation", or "information".

Butterfly staying here symbolizes that Datsing takes technology and information as the foundation of enterprise development and the source of growth. The logo is full of life power, but innovation is calm and introverted. It conveys Datsing's sense of mission to "improve the quality of human life" through biotechnology, and Datsingers’ fighting state full of fighting spirit and healthy progress.